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X men last stand bonus scene

x men last stand bonus scene

Jean is the only mutant Xavier has ever met whose power is ranked at Class Five, meaning there is no known limits to her powers.
Regaining his bearings, he's stunned to find Jean (Famke Janssen) standing alive and well in front of him.
Rao brings him to the room where Leech stays in order for him to meet the boy, learn the range of his mutant powers, and see for himself that the boy is being treated very well and kept fully comfortable.The house lifts up off its foundation, psychic winds pinning Wolverine and Juggernaut against the ceiling.Rao prepares to administer the injection, Warren III rebels, breaking free from the medical assistants trying to hold him steady.But Pyro goes too far when he says he'd have killed Xavier if Magneto let him.Beast is dubious about the Presidential cabinet's ability to hold Mystique, and knows that holding her will make Magneto angry, though it gives the cabinet some diplomatic leverage.Xavier desperately tries to get Jean to understand that she needs his help to control her powers, while Magneto accuses Xavier of keeping Jean on a leash (much in the same way that Wolverine accused Xavier of the same thing).See more » Alternate Versions The original DVD release of the film had two different sets of navigation menus, one themed around the Brotherhood, and one themed around the X-Men.Plot Keywords: x men walking through a wall logan character erik lehnsherr character professor charles xavier bingo i rolly w akcji gry puzle character, see All (176) taglines: Evolution will make a last stand.Rao (Shohreh Aghdashloo who will be showing him around.Magneto warns the mutants at the meeting that while they try to pursue negotation and peaceful methods, humans, especially the humans in government, will start to force the cure on them a few at a time książka poker texas holdem in a divide-and-conquer strategy.Frightened suddenly at the threat, Magneto pleads for her to stop as she smirks in delight.Magneto's Brotherhood has grown into a sizable army which has built a small camp in the woods.
An example he gives is a brain-dead patient.

As Magneto speaks and the Brotherhood army cheers, Wolverine happens to lock eyes with Jean.
Rao, holding her against him while soothingly telling her that everything will be all right.