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Witcher 2 what does damage bonus on signs mean

Zeugl VigorGives 1 Gold and 1 SilverFrighteners VisonGives 1 BronzeHellhounds SoulGives1 SilverKoshcheys CoreGives 1 GoldStrigas UrgeGives 1 Silver, 1 BronzeSome of these are given based on your decisions in the game.
The scripts used by the game are in plain text and using a familiar C language syntax?With Control over the Power ignition casino stuck on live update skill, Petris philter and Maribor Forest potions, player is still able to winning moves karty do gry waddingtons no 1 harry potter dish 108 Igni damage with 3 Vigor points.Case 2: Geralt wields a steel sword which boasts 50 damage.Updated informations about riposte and parry in Tutorial.Increased the number of meteorite ores available in shops.Udostępniona wersja jest stosunkowo wczesna i ma wiele błędów, ale autor pracuje nad aktualizacją, która ma usunąć większość problemów.Made Geralt rotate to maszyny do gier vision games targeted enemy upon Quen activation.Not to mention it provides a push back to all those effected.Green text indicates additions made.Generally speaking, Damage is the amount of hit points deducted from a target by an object or an non-playable-character (NPC).Removing backstab damage bonus was not enough, so now enemies are allowed to Parry back attacks.Increased hit points of celaeno harpies.
Some attacks are faster than.6 seconds, these, obviously, couldnt be fixed.
Please see to this video at 4:00 of this video:m/watch?