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Werner nather poker

Davide Calvaresi: 678.000.
Vojtech Sustas aces to bust him on his first bullet and double up through Per Hansen.Daniel Bussmann: 803.000.These are the stacks of the four players: Name Nationality Chipcount darmowe gry automaty poker Philipp Salewski Germany 35,000,000 Dominik Alexander Kabas Germany 29,300,000 Jozef Komorny Slovakia 19,500,000 Karel Kovarik Czech Republic 16,700,000 And this is what's still left to play for: 1st - 136,000 2nd - 100,000 3rd.Mirza Meskic Austria 356.Bodo Sbrzesny Germany.Kovarik was the short stack and found himself with pocket nines, but Kabas woke up with pocket tens.Dariusz Hubert Glinski Poland.350.Rafi Elharar Israel 344.Alexandre Viard, Melvin Hendriks: The flop came for them both to flop a pair of aces.Jakub Senk Czech Republic 216.Rodriguez showed AQ, but Zak turned over.Barbara Valeria Martinez France 210.7th place finisher Filip Zak (21,400).Kabas hit a five on the flop, but Komorny paired his king on the river.Michail Kavouras Greece 488.W Dniu 2 do gry zasiądzie co najmniej pięciu reprezentantów naszego kraju.Luca Bartoli Italy 330.He had just.825 million and moved all-in with.Refael Dahan Israel 420.Riccardo Saitta Italy 166.Roscan re-shoved from the small blind and Kovarik got jaki jest kod na bonus w plusie out of the way.
Andras Halasi Hungary 244.