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Ut bonus pack

Fixes and WarBoss status icon by Simon "Psychic_313" McVittie.
This map plays well with 6-10 players.
Has long recognized the superiority of casino grace bay the Skaarj warrior as a military fighting machine, as was made clear in the brutal Human-Skaarj wars.You can add as many or as few as your heart desires.Sets AirControl.65.This lovely map plays well with 6-12 players.Relic of Speed - Shaped like a hourglass.If proven in Tournament battle, the Hybrids shall become a leading force in ground based ops.The pack comes in the umod format.CTF-Noxion16 - Another great dueling base Capture the Flag map courtesy of Clawfist.Here are the list of additions: Summary: Three new models, a package containing six related mutators, and 11 maps.Skinnable versions of WarBoss and Xan.2 models.Nali WarCow - When the militant Nali were driven from their homeworld they brought the only domesticated beast they knew of- their local livestock.CTF-Hydro16 - Clawfist has built a top notch "two bases" industrial style Capture the Flag map.Relic of Speed, relic of Redemption, relic of Vengeance.Only use these versions if you're sure you have Bonus Pack 4!New levels are DM-Agony, DM-Cybrosis, DM-ArcaneTemple, DM-Malevolence, DM-Shrapnel, DM-HealPod, DM-Mojo, CTF-Cybrosis, CTF-Hydro16, CTF-Noxion16, and CTF-Darji16.This map plays well with 10-16 players.For either model, a skin package should include the following textures, replacing "wxyz" with any four-letter code of your choice.Note that this download is not needed for Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition as it comes pre-installed.Models, skaarj Hybrid, nali, nali WarCow, mutators.
This pack is our way of saying "Thank you!" to the gamers out there who have supported Epic.
Having said that, please contact me if you have any problems and I'll see what I can do).

Note: we have not tested Macintosh compatibililty yet.
Enables any model which uses male voicepacks to use the Robot (Xan) voice.