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Optimus Prime (Gravity Bot, 2009) Japanese ID number: GB-01 Gravity Bots Optimus Prime is rockingham lotto win an extremely simplified version of Optimus with a bet at casino review small tab on the bottom of his feet that when he placed on his feet will automatically transform him to robot mode.
Titan Changers Optimus Prime (Titan Changers, 2017) Titan Changers Optimus Prime is an all new mold that transforms from a tall robot into a truck in just 4 easy steps!
He also comes with a USB cord, mostly used for recharging.Thank you Aunty Jihan family!(Hasbro Version Pictured) I call these bad boys the "face takers" (TakaraTomy Version Pictured) Battle Blades Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2010) Japanese ID number: AA-01 Accessories: Matrix of Leadership, 2 Fuel Tank-Gun assemblies, removable Energon Swords Battle Blades Optimus Prime is a brand new sculpt that.This redeco is also the first mold to utilize the slightly retooled Fuel Tank/elbow tabs, which is slightly smaller than the first release.EZ Collection Real Optimus Prime (Real Color Ver), (2011) Optimus Prime (Metallic Color Ver.) (2011) Released as part of The blindpacked EZ Collection Real by TakaraTomy's "TakaraTomy.R.T.S this Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Legends euromillions next draw jackpot Class figure, sharing.Leader Class toys Not Nemesis Prime, we swea.Optimus Prime (Cyberverse Commander, 2011) Series: 1 Number: 001 Japanese ID number: CV04 Accessories: Jet pack, two rifles, 3-D glasses (Preview Pack) Released as part of the first wave of the Cyberverse Commander class figures, this Optimus Prime is a roughly Scout-sized figure.This figure's Vector Shield accessory is later redecoed as the "Golden Vector Shield as the giveaway item for the 2nd The Last Knight Campaign in Japan.Celebrating it is therefore, a must.The major selling point is a more movie-accurate head sculpt with longer ears and detailing based on the final CG head design, and a flip-out energy sword to replace the ion blaster that was included with previous versions of the toy.The figure's deco is unchanged from the standard release, but he now has weathered battle damage paint all over him (yes, this includes applying to unpaintable plastic).While the Hasbro stock photo shows that his feet are slightly mistransformed in robot mode, the Takara stock photos shows his feet correctly flipped out.Jetpower Optimus Prime (Leader 2-pack, 2009) Accessories: 2 fuel tank/exhaust assemblies - combine into Ion blaster This TakaraTomy Asian market- exclusive Leader Class two-pack consists of a redecoed Jetfire and a slightly altered Buster Optimus Prime.The Gatling Cannons both feature two MechTech ports and 2 C joint mounts on either side of each cannon.Therefore, I decided to keep his birthday party on the intimate side I invited only those really close to us and those who have babies around the same age as Shakeel.Ultimate Truck forearms of doom!During the May 30 launch event for the Revenge of the Fallen toyline in Japan, Legends Optimus were given out to attendees.Optimus Prime (Watashi ni ii kangae ga aru) (, ) ID number: QT-23, QTF-01 This Optimus Prime is a new mold that matches the character's more cartoony and simplified appearance in the Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns cartoon.I mean, I would occasionally buy Raffertys Garden Baby Food at ntuc Fairprice for Shakeel but to have them for all of Shakeels little guests?As with all Japanese Dark of the Moon releases, this set comes packed with a character card and an accompanying transparent plastic card of his new rifle in its combined mode for the MechTech Wars online game.Thank you Aunty Nona, Uncle Hisham boys!
Their designs are seriously awesome!
Raffertys Garden Baby Food!

Optimus Prime / MechTech Trailer (MechTech Voyager, May 14, 2011) Japanese ID number: DA03 Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Energy Blade, MechTech trailer This is a retool of the Optimus Prime featured above, removing the heatshield and solar panels, as well as replacing any rocket booster parts.
Jetwing Optimus Prime (MechTech Supreme, Australia: June 11, Japan: June ) Japanese ID number: DA15 Accessories: Tank A Tank B (forms Ion Blaster Jetwing jet pack, Arm Gatling Cannon A B, Leg Armor A B Jetwing Optimus Prime is a retool of Revenge of the.