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T21 dk bonus

t21 dk bonus

OT: Got a feeling this set will put Deaths March as a rather good legendary!
In the Reddit AMA, the designers spoke about rebalancing Massacre, so this may be an intentional choice to reinforce the use of that talent/legendary ring, or it could simply be oversight.Likewise, all of this is subject to change, though it gives us some idea of what to look forward.Reply With", 07:55 PM #14 I kind of wish the set bonuses, at least the 4pc did have some impact on game play.It changes the game play around.The Fury 2p causes Rampage to bleed, similar to Bloodbath.Power is not everything.Originally Posted by atenime45.Sure it isn't much of a problem, but I hate to see things "go away" after getting used.Before assessing, it's worth mentioning the two types of set bonuses.Very likely double-dips with Corrupted the great gatsby casino Blood (increase crit damage of ability, damage rolls into CBlood, increases crit damage of CBlood).Has potential for double-dipping; if the damage increase from Frothing Berserker, Unrivaled Strength, Enrage, etc, apply to both Rampage, making the bleed bigger, and the bleed itself after the fact.I can guarantee those will all change at least once before argus raid is out.It also, Boosts the weight of crit slightly.If you honestly think it will be anything over 10 you're nuts.We need proper changes to how frost plays, we need haste to actually make a difference to our skillset.Probably the part where I run for cover.People would not play.But now no one cares about that anymore Reply With", 07:53 PM #13 Many of these feel like placeholders.The 4pc could be cool, but again the final buff from tier won't be more than 11ish so I can definitely say the frost ones as e garbage.