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Starcraft 2 bonus objectives rewards

After completing 9 missions, level 2 upgrades are bingo m lista ustawień audi available, and on the 17th mission 3 upgrades are available.
The Lost Viking minigame will also be unavailable.
This experience goes towards levelling.
Fixed an issue where the bonus objective could be stuck.Cyber Forest LE Certain doodads were removed to prevent units from hiding inside.Space edit The Space missions can be started after completing the Kaldir, Char and Zerus missions.Help menu now properly displays Cyclones Upgrades.Damaged Spore Crawlers and Spine Crawlers with Simulant skins equipped no longer leave their fire effects behind when they are uprooted.Team Liquid Map Contest Inhibitor Zones placed on higher level terrain will now properly animate.Once the missions of one of these two planets are completed, Zerus becomes available.Char edit The Char missions can be started after completing the Umoja missions.Feel free to taunt your Protoss opponent after yanking his Mothership into certain death!Reigel assists Nova in her missions by granting her equipment to use.Every mastery level gives you one mastery point to put towards each commander you have.While were excited about this features ability to help players showcase their dedication, we also wanted to provide some tangible bonuses for players who pour their efforts into Co-op Missions.Umoja edit The Umoja missions are the first three in the game.Stukov, fixed an issue where units dominated by Vega could be attacked by an allied Stukovs Apocalisk.These drop pods gradually begin to descend closer and closer to the player's base, and since Zerg units move more rapidly.Research points can be found in each mission of the campaign by completing bonus objectives.However, if you want to elaborate on changes in lower difficulty levels, by all means please edit them in!Once a contract is purchased, the mercenaries can be hired in missions for minerals and gas.For each of the six systems, you have three ability choices, but only one can be configured to be active at a time.
The types of units, the technology, upgrades and buildings are restricted compared to a basic Terran army.
Artifact edit The Tychus missions can be started after completing the Mar Sara missions.

Rather, these are levels of honor which are accompanied by unlockable badge emoticons players acquire as they gain more experience.