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Star trek timelines crew bonus abilities

Between a gross voyage power/skill set combo and having no base better artix poker hack than third among Sisko variants, 1701s best chance at relevance is either an gra karciana pan po angielsku unprecedented third re-run of his event feature or something like a Bajoran mega.
Lon Suder 1 event - Too poor in too many areas to justify a more expensive than average build cost.Mirror Archer 14 events - Poor stats in every area; he's usually a "cut" candidate for players strapped for roster spots.It's like a predator.I cant promise a CMD/DIP/SEC crew with his voyage total will make too many runs for you, but its more of a perk that event-similar 2-skill crew lack.Away Team Saru SCI #13 Voyages #79 13 events - Double 1k bases for what we have to assume are plenty of future events and above average voyage numbers for an option-deficient skill set.A 9 arena attack isn't the easiest to come by either, even if we'd like it to initialize a bit faster.His highlight, an ENG base near 800, will almost never find bonus work and his aforementioned shortcomings undercut a useful skill set.Crew are assigned to away missions or placed in battle stations on ships.A fantastic skill set (and order of skills) for players in the early game can still find voyage work with a sub-100 total and his #1 SCI roll in the gauntlet makes him effective there for newer players.With a future Ferengi mega a distinct possibility and the #1 Ferengi DIP (and #5 CMD) in his back pocket, he could be primed to be an impact player in the future.There are enough good cards to finish it without Scotty, but in a game of opportunity, its unlikely that youll find them all.And although her voyage numbers don't look great on the whole, ENG primary/DIP secondary can be difficult to find so she may sneak into the rotation there in the early game.In fact, his only true strength is a variant-best CMD base.So hot right now.If you can star him up early, enjoy his strong day to day performance.Think Cornwell-lite when it comes to Mirror Bev.