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Engage in best poker gear tactical combat with the ferocious, devious, and magical enemies who threaten humanity's last settlements.
If you enjoy strategy games or tactical RPGs, you will enjoy this classic RPG.
Choose between hundreds of levels of talents and thousands of combinations of equipment.
Share this awesome tactics epic with a friend today!Additional Characters, kincaid the Dueler, selen the Rogue, vincent the Sorcerer.Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow, heading east into the territory of the Braeys Family and Baron Koda, you face off against relentless threats and growing dangers.What's in the Box?Episode 4: Rise of the Chosen.In the following years of darkness and ruin, the kingdoms of man fell in war and flame.Four of the Thirteen Gods rose up against their creator, the All-Father, and destroyed him in a cataclysmic event.Our indie role playing games dev team is actively continuing development to make this the top RPG.Prologue Episode 1: Death's Consort.O tej grze, command your party of four heroes as they fight to protect the last remnants of humanity.20 new enemies 32 Dungeons 8 Towns, hundreds of unique weapons, items, and gear.Episode 3: Whispers over Steel, all roads lead into the City of the Dead on the surface world to face whatever dark sorcery and darker secrets lurk there.Kliknij tutaj, aby ich zobaczyć.
Heroes was made for fans of adventure RPGs, board games, and roguelikes.

As your party explores the dungeons, cities and crypts of the world, you will decide the overall strategy and approach your team takes.
Heroes of Steel: Tactics RPG includes the Prologue, three major story Episodes, and four optional characters!
It is the dawn of the Seventy First Year after the world has fallen.