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More than half of the puzzles are incredibly easy, and not very complex either.
This game is just so beautiful, magical, mythical and epic.
Probably the most concerted effort by a software house in cloning the success of the Sonic series.
One of the best horizontal shooters out there!Every single scene is beautifully painted with rich colors and enhanced by the top-notch visual effects.They are well-armed and have the backing of several "unfriendly governments so your only two advantages are the stealth fighter that you will fly and your own combat skills.The game itself gets a little boring and repetitive after a while, but the action never slows down.After winning the tournament and rightfully gaining the dagger, it was stolen by the master's arch rival kasyno mobilne bez depozytu Koga.As a young, ambitious CEO, it's up to you to make sure your airline is a survivor and not just another casualty.Gameplay: 3 Ninjas Kick Back is a 2D Platformer game.Enemies consist of rebel ninjas working for Koga, wild animals such as dogs and bats, and hazards such as moving boulders and spikes.Rating: Times Played: 6884 Released: 1993 Series: Cheetah Men FudgyDRS 25,555 View Scores Personal Best: N/A Play Platform game inspired by the popular live-action movies starring Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, and Cristopher Lloyd - derived from the long-running comic strip created by Charles Addams for.Loved the characters and the setting.Unknown to her and the inmates, she has brought an unwelcome visitor with her - an old and deadly acquaitence that could mean death for them all.The voice-overs of the characters are very well-done, nothing to complain about.As shown below, the game menu is a system representation of the poster used for the movie of the same name.The player controls the centurion, fighting undead creatures and monsters in a setting resembling Ancient Greece, with originally five levels, in a graveyard, the Underworld, a cavern, Neff's palace and base at the city of Dis.The game plays quickly however, the skip button takes forever.That is the basic premise behind this popular series of Japanese strategy sims - so popular that at least one port was made for every major gaming console and home computer system in Japan at the time.A better-than-average submarine simulation that was much ballyhooed in its day, but shows its age now.It was just the way I wanted to leave it!Acting on a rumored sighting of their missing father, Alex travels to the planet Paperock to find him.This was a cherry little game and the mini puzzles were different and fun.Rating: Not rated yet Times Played: 4023 Released: 1994 Series: Aero the Acro-Bat No Scores Personal Best: N/A Play Experience the joys and thrills of building up and operating a major air carrier in this unusual and unique series from one of the top names.
Rating: Not rated yet Times Played: 5296 Released: 1995 Series: nicktoons, aaahh!
Rating: Times Played: 6803 Released: 1987 AKA: Arekkusu Kiddo Tenk Maj Keywords: Platform, Action Series: Alex Kidd iceburg108 9,120 View Scores Personal Best: N/A Play Something has gone terribly wrong on the Suliaco's return trip back to Earth.