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Poker card deck template

The example circle icons are from the.
The sample header text uses a font called Akashi and the body uses Agency FB Bold Condensed.
Sign in Not a member?This includes spaces for titan casino games two icons on the right, but does not support for bingo pies dziki putting the art behind the thin yellow line.The sample art used with permission from Legacy TCG.The example icon is a filled in version of this leaf.If you intend to use your cards horizontally and wish for both sides of the card to be oriented in the same direction in print, you will need to rotate either the front or the back image by 180 degrees.Poker Cards: Values and Suits These are blank playing cards with just suit and value.The sample header text uses a font called Capture It and the body uses Titillium Light. The panel is right for 90 pixel icons.The body uses the Capsuula font.The picture comes from freepik.Note youre going to have to handle all your own colors for icons and fonts.Ive built some free-to-use, full-bleed card frames to help folks design games for.The icons are black and transparent with a Soft Light Layer mode.Fire Within The Fire Within uses a faux lava texture as a place for vital icons.The example uses Georgia font for the header and Perpetua font for the body.The example uses the Stencil font for the header and Rockwell Condensed for the body.With your social network or Job PositionEducation and developmentWeb designGraphic designIndustrial designInterior designTextile designBlogDigital printingNonprofit organizationPersonal useUniversityPublic organizationOthers I wish to recieve newsletters, promotions and news from Freepik Company.

Detective Template The Detective Template is a skeumorphic design resembling a busy/messy desk complete with typewritten paper and coffee stains and a Polaroid picture frame for art. .
Gabriola Template Gabriola is a typical Magic The Gathering-style card game frame. .
Note that this is essentially just the white of the frame (angles and borders). .