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Then I knocked out the third guy and find myself heads up with the guy who kept pestering me to chop.
Also when kasyna w katowicach crystal you are on the wait list, is there anything to do there to kill time?
Lots of young guys, and the older and/or gambling people are actually fun to be around, unlike lots at the casino.34ss got called by AQ and AQ held so I'm out.With 10 BBs left, there can be nothing more beautiful, not even that really cute chick I was about to knock out.For those who care to see how I performed, read.For those who do not, feel free to post your own questions, comments, etc.For small stakes players like me, it would be worth it for the free food and drinks.And these words are not enough to illustrate what so many already know, Playground doesn't only hold records as they pertain to attendance, prize pools, jackpots and guarantees.Before the tournament started, the dealers didn't mind - and rather enjoyed - chatting with players about the club, the house rules, the weather, etc.They host 2 WPT tournaments every year with a series of smaller events before and during the main event.Again, started off running pretty meh.If you really wanted me to be nit picky, I suppose I could say some of the dealers could use a bit more experience and training.They are also guarnteeing prize pools for a ton of tourneys, so some dollars will definetly be returned there.What are they spreading Fri/Sat nights recently?However, it turns out she covers me by 2K chips which was less than a small blind at the time.It would also be good if they allowed you to top up whenever you want, but according to one of the dealers you are only allowed one top up of over the minimum buyin(20bb).