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Planning poker c

planning poker c

«Agile 2ans bingo Estimating and Planning».
This gets sent to the client, and they connect lotto ursynów via WebSockets using ws MachineName /.Open it with Visual Studio 2010 / 2012.Screenshots, connecting, playing as an admin, playing as a standard user.Contributing Fork it, make improvements, and send me a pull request.Server Manager Setup uncharted 2 do bonuses affect trophies Open PokerServerManager/nfig You should see these three configuration values:!- Must be changed to the folder location of the EXE of the server executable.Client, the client is a web-based Javascript/WebSocket client that communicates using json messages.Publish the PokerWebClient project to a folder or virtual app in IIS.This free online scrum tool encourages collaboration and planning for distributed agile teams.Planning Poker is an open-source browser-based.NET/C# planning poker card game app.Server Setup, build the PokerServer project (you'll probably want to do this in Release mode for faster code).If I like the changes, I'll accept the code.The game client must be loaded over http, so that the WebSocket connection can be made.
add key"SocketServerLocation" value"C:PathToTheGame" /!- Name of the EXE, without '.exe' - add key"SocketServerName" value"PokerServer" /!- Name of the computer / host that the servers get run.