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Need for speed carbon bonus cars in career mode

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Big picture or small, there are two ways to look at carbon emissions from aircraft running on standard jet fuel.
All else being equal, to go 10 times faster theoretically takes 100 times more energy.Your personal carbon footprint BTUs and passenger-miles aside, how much extra fuel will be burned bingo pies dziki (and extra CO2 emitted) if motel bingo bydgoszcz you decide to take that vacation flight to the Virgin Islands instead of staying home?And, if youre worried about your personal carbon footprint, getting on a plane from New York to LA may actually put less carbon into the air than driving to work tomorrow.Maybe that New York Times headline should have read Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Travel Itself.Thats six times better than a state-of-the-art 787 with every seat full.Lying on the beach instead of driving to work may even reduce your carbon footprint for the week, round-trip flight included.Thus it takes four times the energy to fly twice as fast through air.Boeing 787 Dreamliner, eco-activists often indict air travel as a carbon-spewing threat to the global climate.Worldwide, commercial jets pour an estimated 700 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, leading to headlines like this one.Your Vote : /10.Most Wanted est comme les autres jeux Need for Speed, où le joueur choisit une voiture et les courses contre une limite de temps ou d'autres coureurs d'atteindre une destination.Grand total of extra fuel burned because you were on the flight: 14 pounds.Average :.71/10 (7 votes).Les infractions routières commises par le joueur sont connus dans le jeu comme ere sont une large gamme de voitures disponibles pour le mode Carrière principale de la partie.Alors que les joueurs prennent le contrôle des voitures plus rapides et de plus en plus compter sur des augmentations de vitesse d'oxyde nitreux, le compteur d'oxyde recharge maintenant automatiquement pour la première fois depuis son introduction en métro, et des séquences de conduite devient.The seven-seat Tesla Model X, in fact, may be the most energy-efficient production passenger-carrying vehicle in the world.The latest Boeing 787 burns less than half the fuel per mile of the 60s-era turbojet-powered 707.
So 10,000 pounds of extra weight causes the plane to burn 194 more pounds of fuel per hour.
Either way you look at it, the passenger jet blows away the automobile in terms of efficiency and CO2 emissions per mile.