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Nar shaddaa bonus series empire

nar shaddaa bonus series empire

Hoth Bonus Area (lvl 46ish corellia CW - (lvl 47 - 50).
Codex Entry: Galactic History 26: Naga Sadow's Deceptions Orange - republic (also available for empire during bonus series "escape pods down" mission) edit Receive: Cunning 2 Location: The Tularan Marsh (Derelict Swoop Track) Coordinates: 1054, 454 First, go to (1182, 263) and head up the.Jump over the crates and there is a small doorway to pass through.You should not die from falling but better to restore HP before moving further.Map and photo of beginning of path to Aim Datacron.Continue through the Cave to the Republic Mines. .Couruscant CW - (lvl 10 - 16).Move over this new gry wp pl poker wall and then jump to another one to your left that leads to the another pillar.Flash Point: The White Nova: The Foundry (lvl 28 - 30).Go down all the way to the edge.Next go to the area behind video strip poker onlinee the right staircase and you'll find a stack of crates.Keep following the ledge until you reach the second grated metal platform.This metal branches off two ways, take the left path (this side is much thinner than the right path and jump onto the rusty red broken pipe/tunnel.The datacron is on the north side of the final vertical beam's ledges.Follow the ledge, jumping up a bit at the raised part and back down to the much narrower ledge on your right.Follow the beams and broken platforms around as they head back northward.Head to the pipe that leads from the ground to the upper walkways lana grossa bingo alpaca angebot at player (1170, 285).Alderaan Bonus Area (lvl 40ish belsavis DR - (lvl 41 - 44).Now, go right (east) on the pipes.
Balmora CW - (lvl 16 - 20).