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Metin2 best bonuses for pvp

When will Beran-Setaou appear?
Fish up chests, complete the jigsaw and collect a precious Golden Fish Chest!
Fixed an error which prevented the next hunting quest from starting because you levelled up from a quest.
Skills and Statpoints for Archery ninjas edit, phase 1 edit, put on VIT and DEX.After casting Flame Spirit and Dark Protection you can switch to a more appropriate earring and necklace, such as Ebony Earrings and a necklace of wyniki keno wyniki keno your choice.PvP - Player.Distribution of skill points, remember, it is always better to master a skill one by one then thinking of equally distributing and mastering the skills at later Levels.Simply register for a group dungeon in the menu from the toolbar.Guide:Black Magic Sura Skillguide, author : Geodragon(geolangsat introdution, black Magic Suras are the Suras which generally strike from far away distance with High Damaging Skills Such as Dark e power of Suras lies in their "Intelligence" so it is vital for every sura to have.Must Change to defend himself at levels to be able to swing their weapons.The code and template of this site is the property of Kevin Valvo.New, block Function, silence the trolls!Please note: The new items may only appear in the shop a few days after the release.3.Fonda una, legione e conquista la gloria!All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Fixed an error which prevented the health indicator appearing in your pets icon after placing it in your storeroom.Levels edit Variant 1 edit Must leveling with a military horse.Items you should aim to have and the bonuses on them: side note:these kosz na smieci bingo items are mainly for later levels.Black Round Shield6 or higher with Immune to Blackouts for leveling on Black Orcs (or BO) for levels in the range of 33-48.Leadership is pretty useful skill too gry karciane dla 1 osoby as is horse summoning.At level 65 you may even be able to do pretty good damage in the Demon Tower (depending on your items and Skill choice and M) so you can start getting undead bonuses on your accessories and a level 61 shield with an upgraded helmet.Improvements, the items you loot from bosses now come in handy little packages: in future, the major bosses Beran-Setaou, Razador, Nemere, Bagjanamu and Jotun Thrym drop valuable chests which can be opened multiple times.Group Dungeon, so your friends are offline and you arent a guild member, but you still want to slaughter a dragon?

Their are two main choices for a Black Magic Sura :.