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Rake maximal 10 keine 9,8 1,2 MTTs mehr.
It would be interesting to post a list of players who cross the line, as a follow-up in this thread, then see if they are shunned?URL del blog: notas: Estos enlaces son exclusivamente para sus nombres de jugador configurados en el apartado.Not that I don't understand the point that the boycott is trying to make, but I think that much like the Supernovas a couple of years back, the High Stakes Regs are overestimating their importance to Pokerstars and the poker economy at large."Shongalolo" more than doubled Simpson's impressive score when they walked away with the 29,839.59 first-place prize in the 150,000 guaranteed Main Event, while "Atuaprimade_4" locked up 38,610 by winning the 150,000 guaranteed High Roller.Debate on future rake increases.No doubt we shall be seeing more of him in the future.Los URL serán validados antes de aparecer en la pantalla para confirmar auténticidad del blog.Die Liste der High Roller, die angekündigt haben, beim Boykott mitzumachen, ist schon beeindruckend.Neue Rake Berechnungen in allen Stakes und Formaten.What we want: A direct and open communication with the company.We want to get a dialogue going, both with Pokerstars and the other sites, in order to give proper feedback as to what we believe needs to be changed.I hope this stand gets through to the higher ups of Stars as they've been absolutely destroying MTT poker on their site now for 2 years.The time sloty ekspansji travian now is 04:16.Gestionar nombres personales de jugador.Webmasters de sitios de matrícula deben ponerse en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico para los precios.That is so refreshing to see.Go to Page., 12:02 PM # 1 jdawg91, blowin it all at HK, join Date: Oct 2009.Correo Electronico: Si ya no tiene acceso a esta dirección de correo electrónico, haga clic aquí.Pokerstars doesn't care about anyone but the 100,000 Rec's, and for the most part the 100,000 Rec's don't care about things like rake and rakeback.I had a look at the MTT that you are all boycotting, it's listed as a 750k GTD, was it always listed as a 750k?