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V7:1-25-30 (Winter 1963) PDF 349KB* Argues that Soviet gains in carte de bingo vierge information on weapons technology and other advantages they acquire from the exchange program are largely balanced the achievement of US goals (e.g., "opening" the ussr) and can be minimized by intelligence calculations of US vulnerability.
11:67-79, PDF.6MB* Offered as a tribute to OSS Detachment 101, which operated behind enemy lines from.V36:5-80-90 (1992) PDF.3KB* Recounts the successful attack on the Vemork heavy water plant in Norway in 1943, including training and infiltration into Norway of the sabotage team, setbacks, the actual bombing, and the escape of the author.Walters and Robert.These changes include enhanced intelligence collection, a much larger budget, new legal powers, closer coordination among domestic intelligence agencies, and increased cooperation with foreign intelligence services, particularly in Southeast Asia.Outlines how the committee was organized and led, the principal issues it took on, the political pressures it faced, the conclusions it reached, and what it did (and did not) accomplish.This article focuses on the actual and potential benefits of computerized modeling, highlighting capabilities for refining collection and analysis requirements."The Scientific and Cultural Exchange" by James McGrath, Stud.V5:1-A53-A67 (Winter 1961) PDF 775KB* "Valediction" by Allen.Strayer, Joseph., "The Role of the Consultant in Intelligence Estimates", Stud."What Size is It?" by Ralph.V11:2-79-88 (Spring 1967) PDF 677.3KB* Top of page "Waging Economic Warfare from London".
V2:4-87-92 (Fall 1958) PDF 294KB* Defines and describes the terms, framework, and activities associated with counterintelligence.