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Fallout new vegas sierra madre vault walkthrough

fallout new vegas sierra madre vault walkthrough

Make your way through the hugely sized vault and get to the, vault 's central chamber.
As you turn the corner after exiting the hologram room, your collar will start beeping as you run toward a speaker on the wall ahead of you.
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Fallout: New Vegas locations project, this article is within the scope of the.To the south is a terminal next to a door; the terminal unlocks this door.Turn on the Stealth Boy once you exit the door and walk straight onto the stairs.If you kill Elijah from far away to give you a head-start and you use all doses from your implant you can reach the exit in the nick of time.It may take multiple tries but it is definitely possible.On the right is a security locker filled with weapons armor and ammunition,.You will also come across some hostile security holograms, sneak past them and get all the three hologram emitters destroyed or disabled.The Cloud itself, to release it in the Mojave and crush the.After talking to Christine, use the key she gave you to open Vera's Dresser and grab Vera's Audition holotape.The doorway to exit this room is between these 2 enclosures, and one of the holograms is standing guard next.Once you've got the holotape, head back to the elevator and go back down at the lobby.The hallway leads into a medium sized two-storied room with a couple speakers.They come in three forms: harvesters, trappers, and seekers.Don't worry about fighting him, Elijah isn't such a strong enemy as it seems, a few good hits and he will be dead.It is possible to leave the vault with all the gold if you have 2 ranks of the.You'll see tax bonus centrelink 2 folders regarding the Vault's security.The stairway leads down to a canopied room with some ammo boxes.M/app/22380/ discussions /0/ sierra madre vault spolers need help, after killing elijah, the vault collapses and i have to escape - have died on over 20 occassions.After dealing with all the Ghost People, head downstairs and get to the Receptionist Terminal.Now that you've got all the audio together, take the elevator back to the Executive Suites.
The hologram emitters are on top of the supports, but walking on them can be a little tricky, especially when the holograms turn hostile and start shooting you after you take out any of the emitters.