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Variants edit edit source, at the entrance of, canyon wreckage, in the footlocker after completing.
NCR, Caesar's Legion and.
Despite the four variations, they all share the same ending slide: the Courier walking off into the sunset while wearing the independent (Yes Man) variant.Courier will receive Ulysses' duster upon completion of The Apocalypse, regardless of the player's chosen ending.Wearing a faction-specific armor before confronting Ulysses can change which duster you will receive.Fallout : New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.Yes Man, the emblem is a black spade with the number "21" imposed over.I have a question guys.The NCR version is the only piece of equipment that directly increases the Courier's maximum carrying capacity.Https fallout m/wiki/ Courier Sometime before the events of Fallout : New Vegas, the Courier discovered poker polska po ustawie hazardowej a supply route into the Mojave Wasteland through the Divide.The exact style that is received depends on the player's reputation with various.Despite the variations, none of the Courier dusters are faction armor.Courier duster is visually identical to Ulysses' duster and shares the same DT of 13 and weight.If this exists already can you point me to it because I cant find it myself otherwise I hope someone could help with this request.Thank you in advance.Jump to: navigation, search, the, courier duster is a piece of clothing in the, fallout: New Vegas add-on, lonesome Road.

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