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September edit Main article: September 1947 September 9 A moth lodged in a relay is found to be the cause of a malfunction in the Harvard Mark II electromechanical computer, logged as the "First actual case of bug being found." 13 14 September 13 Indian.
1872 ) April edit April 1 King George II of Greece (b.
Quiet, scenic, natural, and with an old fashioned charm; these are just some of the virtues that characterise Piltdown.
The operators/perpetrators, even though they did not belong to the Outfit, paid rather than have the Outfit, through obliging politicians, lotto z dnia 11 05 17 order the police to shut them down.American financier and presidential adviser Bernard Baruch describes the postWorld War II tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States as a " Cold War ".November 15 November 16 In Brussels, 15,000 people demonstrate against the relatively short prison sentences of Belgian Nazi criminals.1873 ) December 4 December 7 Tristan Bernard, French writer, lawyer (b.1868 ) August 3 August 8 Anton Ivanovich Denikin, Russian military leader (b.Non-gambling related juice loans, to legitimate businessmen who had trouble borrowing from banks but were vouched for by someone in the Outfit, opened the door to extortion by the Mob.April 16 Texas City disaster : The ammonium nitrate cargo of French-registered Liberty ship SS Grandcamp explodes in Texas City, Texas, killing at least 581, including all but one member of the city fire department, injuring at least 5,000 energy casino 3 forum and destroying 20 city blocks.1895 ) March 28 March 29 Manuel de Adalid y Gamero, Honduran composer (b.Jake Guzik and Murray Humphries led the expansion into labor racketeering and gambling.1907 ) June edit June 6 June 9 June 11 Richard Hönigswald, Hungarian-born American philosopher (b.The Bombay Municipal Corporation formally takes over the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport (best).2012 ) May 18 John Bruton, 10th Taoiseach of Ireland May 19 Paul Brady, Northern Irish singer, songwriter May 21 Lolit Solis, Filipina talent manager, former host ( Startalk, CelebriTV ) May 23 Ken Westerfield, American disc sports (Frisbee) pioneer, athlete, showman and promoter May.But any one gang could increase its profits by cheating on the agreement and entering the territory of its neighbors.This included the FBI, which for years found greener pastures in the preceding then in organized crime.In the Outfits w vi powstal na mone casino setup, Ricca was the "Chairman of the Board" (or Consigliere) and Accardo the Boss at the time answered to him.1909 ) January 15 The " Black Dahlia " (Elizabeth Short American murder victim (b.Major Outfit guys were tailed, including the 24 hour surveillance of Giancana in 1963.After Prohibition, frank Nitti had a difficult job.The first ones to surrender were the Gennas, after their leadership was wiped out by the North Siders under Hymie Weiss that same year.The Cold War ends in 1991.

2007 ) June edit June 1 June 2 Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Punjabi saint, Sikh theologian, military leader (d.