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Disgaea 5 item training bonus

Hopefully youve done the necessary building of a character (40 million stats as you will need it to steal the Trapezohedron.
This is an activity i dedicate very little resources to but that is foolish.Changing the colors of or destroying.Of course, if you cant deal with that, you can set the stars kasyno online automaty prawdziwe pieniadze to a lower value.That number is terribly misleading.Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and it's remake, a, beastmaster would fill the bonus gauge faster than normal.This changes in Dark Hero Days, in which Rank 40 Items can randomly appear in the Dark World and Item Worlds for Items Rank 37 and higher.Of course, this might be a little challenging, as youre going to need an item of that rank.You will see a LOT of junk but soon you will start to see the items you are looking for.Once you have your Rank 39 item you want to jump into its Item world.With the Enemy Strength back to zero, you can simply skip the floors and concentrate on the Mystery Rooms and Item Bosses to get your Training Bonus.To be clear this is weapon mastery: Here you can see Staves and Bows are Capped out.You would be frustratingly wrong.

Thing is the Pocket world shop i think caps out at like rank 24 or so, hardly even close.