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It condemns exploitation, and it condemns those who are unconcerned with or bored by exploitation except when it targets the "wrong" people.As I said, a public that's lived through the 2008 market fall and subsequent revelations about banking institutions and Wall Street has grown jaded and cynical.It's the money, or rather how they made the money, that should be the most shocking and offensive thing about their behavior.At times, he even reminded me a bit of Jack Nicholson.The film makes it extreme because it's often so public (such as a scene of people having sex in a public rest room).I've not said much about the sex and drugs and other extreme content in the film, polskie kasyno online z bonusem bez depozytu so let me address that now.And don't best against a DiCaprio-Scorsese movie either, be it at the box office or in the Oscar nominations race.Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed with Scorsese in five of the director's last six films (.The actor-director pair's box office total to date is nearly 1 billion worldwide, over a ten year period of collaboration.Blood Diamond and, body of Lies, then DiCaprio's run of success looks even more impressive, because for the last eleven years with twelve movies, only ONE of those film grossed less than 100 million.The drug abuse is definitely extreme, and the film does portray that unflinchingly and for humor very often, but it's a dark gallows sort of humor and we are always aware these people are destroying themselves piece by piece.Grand Emperor Hotel / Casino Emperor Palace.The Aviator, and, gangs of New York ).This is also one of just a few films this year that seem to revel in spending time letting you get to know the characters and just watching them interact and live their lives.Sure, we see them hiding piles of cash and sneaking through Europe taped to the bodies of women, but it's much farther back than that - it's the stocks, it's the lies and swindling that are the heart of all.
Look closely at what Scorsese is showing us - this isn't the 1980s running of the bulls on the Street, nor is it the 2000s free-fall.