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Clash of clans builder base bonus loot timetable

On this Builder Base there is no such thing as farming, lazy attacks or dropping cups to find easier bases to fight.
No clan recruiting except in official stickies.
Lots of people thought it'd be like that, including myself.
This update streamlines things.Like I wrote the other day, Supercell was never going to make.By removing the stealing and shields, the gameplay was completely changed.Win Bonus, similar to the League Bonus on the Home Village, you earn a fixed amount of Gold and Elixir by winning a Versus Battle.However, bracia olszewsy monte casino they had to cap the amount of loot you can get everyday, otherwise it would be too much loot on a single day.But I keep running forsen wins poker tournament into the same problem, and it's play fortuna no deposit bonus codes 2017 a fairly big one.That's aided by a new wall system and new traps that encourage you to think about smart ways to snare attackers when defending, as well as smaller armies with more distinct abilities on offense.The Reasons, the Clash of Clans team really took their time to make this new system very different from the main game.Basically, I'm tired of staring at this screen: A draw in Clash of Clans is a pain.This bonus is provided by the game, doesnt come from your opponent so you dont have to worry about losing resources on this village.It's worsened by the fact that you hardly lose any trophies at all on defeat, meaning that you can't expect to fall down toward better-matched opponents very quickly.Each player has a small number of limited troops and defensive buildings, meaning that it's not that hard to pull off a 100 victory in many situations.No pictures of loot or CG scoreboards as posts.But where the Gold and Elixir comes from?

No promotion of hacking/cheating/modding.
Clash Royale, but there's a big difference between those games.