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I used different fabrics for each of my outer pieces for a little bit of visual interest, but you can use matching fabrics if you prefer. .
But I realized I will never get better at zamieszkaj u mnie bingo working with vinyl if I dont actually use it!I liked the idea of including a pocket so the kids can zip and unzip and hid treasures inside. .Thats right, I cut the fabrics for this quilt about a year and a half ago (during the first year of my Sew Your Stash challenge but I didnt have a large enough area to film a quilt tutorial. .So today Ill łapówka piłkarski poker aktorka be showing how to make a tab top curtain.I made a quick pattern to test the design, assuming I would need to tweek the pattern and I would film making the new one. .Before co to poker face starting your curved top zipper bag you will need to make a pattern. .It is a zipper bag featuring a vinyl window in the front so you can see exactly what is inside the bag. .I came up with a really unique bag project that I hope to share in the next few weeks and as soon as I was well enough to sew I filmed this weeks tutorial. .I created a couple of fidget mats for some elementary students and will be showing how I made them along with some extra tips and ideas for things you can incorporate in your own fidget mats.Template measurements Top to bottom 6 inches Width at the widest point 3 inches Width at narrowest 2 inches Ankle opening at largest 1 x 2 inches Ribbon slits inch long in two rows spaced 1 inches apart If you make this, or any other.You can find the entire step by step sewing tutorial here!Only click this link IF YOU want TO SEE THE piece that WAS CUT OFF!You can see just how easy this curtain is to make in my step by step tutorial.
Anyway, lets get on with the actually tutorial. .

I wanted to use them all for one project and be able to show off all the prints.
Felt so good to finally check it off my to-do list!
I left the remaining yardage whole so the curtain could be trimmed and hemmed after the tabs were sewn on and it was hung. .