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Play the tutorial and watch this video to succeed in the arenas!
They are ready, willing and able to fight for their survival and glory in Metal City.HMM is a tactical super fast-paced game that challenges your reflexes, where 2 teams of 4 insane pilots gather to fight for a powerful bomb to deliver it to the opponent's base.Copyright 2019 Hoplon All rights reserved.Em um cenário pós-apocalíptico devastado pelos seus próprios habitantes e reerguido pelo metal e loucura, ressurgiram as arenas de gladiadores.About This Game, heavy Metal Machines is a fast-paced.Rock, Paper, Shotgun, in a world filled to the brim with mobas, Heavy Metal Machines puts a spin on the genre that's genuinely got me interested.Highly armed machines and post-apocalyptic scenario.Add HMM to your Library now!Pise fundo, exploda os adversários e grite loucamente depois de cada jogada épica que você e o seu time fizerem!You can unlock items by leveling up your Metal Pass, and new content will be released every season!PC Gamer, free to play games come in all shapes and sizes, but Heavy Metal Machines stands out as a top-down car combat game.View all, what pound it into a poker Curators Say 36 Curators have reviewed this product.Join a competitive community, be strategic, drive fast and battle for your life through multiple arenas to become a Legendary Metal Gladiator!Each character has its own personality and background story - and soundtrack.
Metal Pass is the progression system where the players have access to weekly challenges and amazing in-game rewards.
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