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It can't happen to them again mid film/ mid franchise.
Brighton Hove Albion Cardiff City.95 Eintracht Frankfurt Benfica.00 Bayer 04 Leverkusen.Turin is a tough place for Ajax to win, but then again so was Madrid in the last sixteen.We have sent you an email.Why was the trap door on the inside of the first glass door?If she is that hopeless why is she on the most important mission ever?I think Sam Mendes hates women.The irony of M defending herself (reading a poem) knowing her own ex agent was about to shoot up the place was lost on critics writers alike.Numerous Plot holes, contrivances, poor storytelling, character logic motivation;.I did not receive it, back.Communicate with us, back, have you forgotten your password?So they figured out Silva was dressed as a cop and no-one told anyone?A contrivance a plot hole in one plot device, that takes some doing.FC Porto Liverpool.05, manchester City Tottenham.30, bet Booster, fC Bayern Munich Werder Bremen.00.Do you want to change your email address in your account information?He just kept fighting like an idiot.Money penny gets demoted from field agent to secretary?!Why couldn't Silva just hack the list?Super calculating (hack crazy)Silva's plan at the end was a firefight?Did MI6 stop evolving in the late eighties?

Die another Day was almost a Bond parody, but this one is simply a mess, a betrayal of Bond.
The stolen agent list macguffin; Made famous in M:I then overused in films TV shows; CharliesAngels2 etc - halfway through the film they just forgot about.