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First used by the Samurai.
Nunchaku (also called nunchucks ) an Asian weapon consisting of two clubs, connected by a short rope, gry hazardowe przez internet z powitalnym bonusem thong or chain, and molly poker game usually used with one club in hand and the other swung as a flail ( weapon ).
There are several examples of blunt-force trauma caused by clubs in the past, including at the site.In the British Army pickaxe handles are or were officially used as guards' batons.These consisted of a relatively free-moving head of rounded stone or wood attached to a wooden handle.Jutte One of the more distinctive weapons of the samurai police was the jutte.Shillelaghs are almost exclusively made from blackthorn today.Any of various sorts of blunt instrument such as bludgeon, truncheon or the like.The weapon is employed at close quarters, or as a missile, and in time of peace may serve as a walking-stick.Image of clava cefalomorfa Archived at Wikiwix Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino 1991 edition of Chambers's Dictionary "Jutte".Nulla-nulla a short, curved hardwood club, used as a hunting weapon and in tribal in-fighting, by the Aboriginal people of Australia.The name comes from Kulin languages such as Wemba-Wemba and Woiwurrung, based on the word lia (tooth).The cudgel is also known as the singlestick.Clava (full name clava mere okewa ) a traditional stone hand-club used by Mapuche Indians in Chile, featuring a long flat body.Gunstock war club The wooden stocks of firearms introduced during the European colonization of the Americas were reportedly re-used by First Nations as improvised weapons; other sources claim that the club was an indigenous weapon before European contact, and acquired the term gunstock sizzling hot deluxe online free slot machine from the.5 Kanab (nyoibo, konsaibo, tetsub, ararebo) Various types of different-sized Japanese clubs made of wood and or iron, usually with iron spikes or studs.
In Japan this type of stick is called the Hanb meaning half stick, and in FMA (Filipino martial arts) it is called the eskrima or escrima stick, often made from rattan.

In countries where baseball is not commonly played, baseball bats are often first thought of as weapons.