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Blackjack' tupolev tu 160 bomber

One was tragically lost to an in-flight accident with a chase plane and the entire program was eventually cancelled.
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47 Another significant difference is gry automaty mystery jack that the colour scheme on the B-1B Lancer is usually subdued dark gray to reduce visibility; the Tu-160 is painted with anti-flash white, giving it the nickname among Russian airmen "White Swan"."25 Russian long-range strategic bombers in action over Syria for the very first time".white Swan 3, nATO reporting name : Blackjack ) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the, tupolev Design Bureau in the.The Tu-160 has a range of 12 300.Updates include a digital cockpit, improved avionics, GPS integration, updated NK-32 engines, cruise missile navigation control through GPS, improved laser-guided bomb functionality and radar absorbing skin technology.However the Tu-160 could never replace the ageing Tu-95 due to its astonishing price.The Blackjack is armed with, kh-55 (Western designation AS-15 Kent) cruise missiles and Kh-15 (Western designation AS-16 Kickback) air-to-surface missiles.Interesting in that the United States generally launches any satellite by way of Titan rockets."Russian supersonic bomber crashes".Retrieved Bugajski, Janusz (2008).November 2017 - Tupolev has revealed its first refurbished Tu-160 bomber at its Kazan Aviation facility.In 1972, the Soviet Union launched a new multi-mission bomber competition to create a new supersonic, variable-geometry swing-wing heavy bomber with a maximum speed of Mach.3, in response to the US Air Force B-1 bomber project.The bombers flew along the Russian borders and over neutral waters in the Arctic and Pacific Oceans.These bombers are intended to attack the most important enemy targets."Russia to Upgrade Over 10 Tu-160 Bombers by 2020".Retrieved 17 December 2018.While similar in appearance to the American B-1 Lancer, the Tu-160 is a different class of combat aircraft; its primary role being a standoff missile platform (strategic missile carrier).24 On 16 November 2017, a newly assembled Tu-160M2 (built from an unfinished Tu-160 airframe) was unveiled during a roll-out ceremony at the Kazan Aviation Plant, signifying a restoration of certain production technologies such as electro-beam welding or titanium work reportedly lost after the termination.This resulted in the delivery of a new-built aircraft but the "first modernised Tu-160" in July 2006 did not receive new avionics, although they were planned for the new airframe."We Just Hunted Down All of Russia's Long-Range Bombers".Recently-instituted modernization programs intend on keeping this Russian beast flying.
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It is the largest and heaviest Mach 2 supersonic military aircraft ever built and second only to the comparable.