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Black desert life bonus quest

Fixed the intermittent issue where Processing would not work when performing Processing continuously while having Enhanced weapon bingo szkolenie psów or defense gear as a Processing material in possession.
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We usually take the damaged one for ourselves to jamai nazar keno eat.Right now Main quests are usually easy to complete.Fixed the graphical awkwardness on the arm of the Vestillio costume in Iron Buster combat stance. Spirit Affinity Reagent can be obtained by competing Alustins repeatable quest which can be received if poker holdem online free game you have Master 10 or over Alchemy level or more than 800 Alchemy Mastery.So, we are going to implement the following rules to minimize the chances of these guilds from facing an overwhelming opponent: Guilds occupying Tier 1 Nodes cannot participate in Tier 2 or higher Node Wars.New Event: Get Enhancement Materials - From Oct 24th to Nov 7th - Get Enhancement Material bundles by Grinding, Fishing, and Gathering.This makes the game process much more interesting than just killing mobs.The list of viewing Storages of other towns has been separated from the Storage window.The styles of all the windows have been unified.New Alchemy Stones have been added.They are not crucial but they will help you to visit new places and get rewards for that.The following monsters at Mirumok Ruins will no longer inflict CC effect.A feature to view the entire list of Maid/Butler has been added to the Maid/Butler list.For example there are bounty tasks when you need to kill mini-boss.Fixed the issue where the text Skill Add-on and skill icons overlapped in certain font size. There are no conditions to accept the quest.Fixed the issue where the Mystics hair was visible through Vespena Helmet in low graphical settings.
The objective might be different every time you receive the quest.
The location of each button within the Worker list window has been rearranged to enhance convenience.