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Bingo name o song

bingo name o song

There you can see a lot of letters.
T: Look at the picture.
Bingo T: Now I take the smaller snowballs.T: the dark mod a house of locked secrets blackjack What is it?Now, its time to say good-bye.T: Sit down, please.P: My name.T: Look at the window.Its very big and grey (an elephant) Its very long and green ( a snake) Its green and small (a frog).Why do you cry?T: Now I take the second snowball.Lets sing a song about a farmer.T: What weather is it now?P: A black cat sat on a map and ate a fat rat.T: Thats all right.Open your books on page.Good morning P: Good morning.

Mug can walk and can fly.
Translate me from Russian to English, please.