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Benidorm kasyno

benidorm kasyno

Bart Veldkamp ( 16:23 smal, empty, pay TO enter!
The dealers appear to produce scenarios that almost defy belief.Then he tells the players they are not allowed to talk AT ALL while cards are on the table.Doubt I will ever go here again.The dealer will enforce this by slamming his hand on the table and making a loud sssshhhh sound.Kath hodgkins ( 11:50).Boyd Corbin ( 12:48 this really has to be the worst casino in the world.The waitress makes ugly faces when you dont resultado lotto grajita tip her enough.I witnessed dealers making a dozen mistakes with money from over-raking to making a 50 euro mistake when splitting a pot.The maximum rake is 15 euro and they only huuuge casino poradnik pour 3/4 of a beer into a glass when you order a bottle of beer.To enter you have to sign a form allowing Groupo Acrismatic to use the personal information copied from your passport.I think they serve the rest to other customers.A manager hit me on my shoulder and asked is there a problem while the big security guard who looks like Bluto and other managers stared me down.I told the manager of the Benidorm casino, Gaspar, about how we were treated and he couldnt believe.He promised to take care of the situation and helped me file a written complaint but his cowardly boss, Antonio, who manages all 3 Acrismatic casinos had me barred from coming back.Later he tells them not to speak English at the table in case we are talking about cards.Offered us free coffee or small beer, even gave letto kz us a 5 euro ticket to use in the gaming machines.Port Benidorm Hotel Spa 4* Sup.They obviously do not like tourists and they dont speak English.They humiliate their customers and treat them like children.
All of these people were tourists who either work for a large corporation or they own their own businesses.