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Aggression frequency poker

aggression frequency poker

Get a poker tracking program like.
Thank you for comments, You may be right about c/c and c/r situations.
Flop comes 2 5 9 rainbow (of different suits).
Agg Pct 22 (Agg Pct Flop28).I myself dont rely much on this indicator, but its a part of the so called Holy Trinity of Poker HUD stats (vpip, PFR, AF) so you have keno ty jesteś taka śliczna to know what it does.Watching some coaching videos might help with that too, but you're already on the way to becoming a solid winner.I think a GTO bot would have an AF.0, but that doesn't mean everyone with a AF.0 is "balanced".Nitty fit-or-fold ers often have an AF as high as that of a maniac, but I wouldn't describe a nitty set-miner as aggressive.On the other hand, there is an another stat called Aggression frequency, and again when I check this stat, it is approximately 50 which seems really aggressive (I play 6max microstakes I was always thinking about these 2 different stats and the reason why they.Also, I thank you for spending time to write useful opinions for.The time now is 03:21.The slight difference occurs because checks are neutral in AFq and not counted as passive.AF says I am not passive but not aggro either, AFq says I am aggressive.So in these circumstances, can we say; - If your AF is relatively lower than your AFq, you call too much.Looking for spots where checking is slightly better than betting will come with experience.A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run.This morning I check these two stats' formulas; AF(BR C, aFq(BR brcf these stats are calculated in flop, turn and river.Aggressive Actions in all contexts (pfftr).So if I bet the flop but check the turn and river I would have 33 Agg Pct because I made 1 out of 3 aggressive actions.A weak-tight player bets two opponents out of position a definite sign of a big hand at least top pair with decent kicker.Aggression percentage /Agg Pct/ is used in Holdem Manager and represents the frequency a player takes an aggressive action on a given street.Yes, I'm known for using Snowie for training.The Frequency percentages are probably more useful in leak detection, since more actions/opportunities are counted, but whatever is considered relatively high in one game might be too low to maximise profit in another.
He probably would have slow-played a set or two pairs, but a nine in his hand would explain the bet as protection from overcards on the turn.

He didnt raise pre-flop, so a big overpair is unlikely; probably he caught something on the flop.