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Afq statystyk z huda poker

CO Steal/ BTN Steal/ SB Steal/ SB Fold to Steal/ BB Fold to Steal.
This stat can be used most effectively when gry kasyno maszyny darmowe compared to a what is double barrel in poker players PFR: if a player has a PFR of 20 and a ST of 65 we can see that their range from late position is much wider than their usual raising range and are.
This includes limping in, calling a raise and making a raise.We have an individual stat for each street.The stats we have on opposition players will include every move we have seen them make and each number can tell a different story.FvST- Fold v Steal, this stat tells us how often a player folds in the blinds v a late position open ie SB folding v CO BTN opens, and BB folding v CO, BTN SB opens.Fvcbet- Fold v Continuation Bet, this stat tells us at what frequency a play folds when facing a cbet.TOT 3Bet/ TOT Squeeze/ TOT Fold to 4Bet/ Flop Bet/ Turn Bet/ River Bet.To play a TAG style we should aim for a Fvcbet of 35-45.This includes open raising, raising a limp and 3bet.This does not include posting blinds or antes.We can begin to target players who have a high Fvcbet by Cbetting with a higher frequency.Wtsd- Went To Show Down, this stat tells us how often a player will reach showdown though calling down 1 bets, checking down or betting and getting called.Final Word, it is important to mention that you should not be aiming for these poker HUD stats whilst playing as they should come naturally to you.Resteal, bTN Fold vs 3bet Binds, fold to cbet.If we are in late position and the blinds both have a high FvST then stealing becomes very appealing.We can deduce from this stat how wide of a range a player is raising and use this in correlation to how often they are playing a hand.It is a quick and easy way to measure the success of a player but gry automaty za darmowe ultra hot requires a large sample (100,000 hands) to be representative of their true ability.In general if a player has a tighter range pre flop (low vpip and low PFR) the higher cbet a player should have and vice versa.Flop Cbet Single Rsd Pot OOP/Flop Cbet Single Rsd Pot IP/ Flop Fold to CB Single Rsd Pot/ Flop CB-fold Single Rsd Pot OOP/ Skip Flop CB and Check-Fold OOP/Flop CB 3Bet Pot.
Put In Pot ".
Introduction to Poker HUDs (Heads Up Displays).